By 18th August 2019 my selections from the film Golden Girl with Mitzi Gaynor had been seen 281 times – more than four times as often as any other item. If that sequence can suddenly take off perhaps others will eventually. Mitzi Gaynor is better known for her part in South Pacific, but here she is seven years younger and even more vivacious.

Most of my selections from television were uploaded on 8th May 2019. On that day my website was visited by 257 people, more than two and a half times as many as on any other day. I expected that the number of visits would gradually increase as more people discovered the videos. I did not expect the number to shoot up and then return to normal the next day.

Where I have recorded sequences similar to ones in the internet I have provided links. One of these linked videos, Over the Rainbow by Judy Garland, has been viewed 32,000,000 times, which is more than half the population of England. This means that there must be lots of people out there who like the same things that I do and who would enjoy my videos if they knew about them.

There is very little dialogue in my collection because this tends to lose its appeal when it has been seen a few times, but I have included dialogue from the film The Card because I find that I can watch it over and over again without losing interest. The character played by Alec Guinness comes out on top in the end, but I believe that the greatest performance was by Edward Chapman, who played the part of Mr Duncalf.

By uploading sequences like this I believe that I can bring more pleasure to other people than I could in any other way.