On 16th September 2019 I uploaded links to recordings of 33 of my favourite songs that are not featured elsewhere in my website. Two of these songs, ‘Little Serenade’ and ‘I Dreamed’ I do not have on tape because I have not heard them on the radio since 1983, but I found recordings of them in the internet. ‘Little Serenade’ will always be associated in my mind with the time I spent in Wareham Forest in 1958.

I couldn’t find ‘Flower of Scotland’, which was mentioned in the last paragraph of chapter 15 of my autobiography, but I discovered eight other songs with beautiful pictures. These are ‘The Best Things in Life are Free’, ‘Buona Sera’, ‘Cockles and Mussels’, ‘Count Your Blessings’, ‘Dance, Ballerina, Dance’, ‘Down in the Glen’, ‘The Isle of Capri’ and ‘When Irish Eyes are Smiling’.