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Blog 31 More observations

In Chapter 15 of Happy Memories and in Blog 17 of my website I mentioned some of the ideas that have come to me from time to time and that I think are worth writing down for other people to… Continue Reading →

Blog 30 My Books about Dorset

My book about West Dorset begins with a description of the road from Dorchester to Bridport. About halfway through this desription I mentioned the lodge house which stands at a former entrance to the mansion of Bridehead. I have since… Continue Reading →

Blog 29 Videos and other things

On the fifth of July of this year I finished remaking the video of scenes taken with my video camera with all the recorded music removed. At the time I wrote in my diary ‘Incredibly, this took me six weeks.’… Continue Reading →

Blog 28 Correspondence

On 11th June 2020 thirty-four pages of letters relating to panoramas were added to the section ‘ scrapbooks’ of my website. On 1st September 2021 a further seventeen pages of letters not r elating to panoramas were added. Here are… Continue Reading →

Blog 27 Biology

In previous blogs I have mentioned interesting facts that I have learned about mathematics, science and history. Here are some interesting facts that I have learned about biology: Since I was a small child I have believed that non-human animals… Continue Reading →

Blog 26 Videos

On 3rd June 2020 the videos I made using my video camera were removed from my website. The only reason for this that I can think of is that some of the scenes contained recorded music. I don’t think that… Continue Reading →

Blog 25 Quotations (continued from Blog 10)

In my autobiography I mentioned that my favourite poem was ‘The Brook’ by Alfred, Lord Tennyson, and I often wondered whether he had written anything else that I would like as much. Then, on 17th April, 2021 I recalled the… Continue Reading →

Blog 24 Universal happiness

I shall start by quoting a letter that I sent to the New Scientist magazine in 1994: In the edition of May 28th you published a letter from Alison Brooks saying that there are people who believe that the general… Continue Reading →

Blog 23 Quote…Unquote

Usually when I write to the B.B.C. I get no reply, presumably because they get so many letters they don’t have time to reply to them all, but on 20th February, 2021 I sent the following email to If… Continue Reading →

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