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Blog 37 Television

When I was younger I used to enjoy travelling to distant places, but now I get the same enjoyment by reading books such as the Eyewitness guides, by typing the names of places into my computer and by watching television…. Continue Reading →

Blog 36 Wainwright Facebook Group, continued

In Blog 15 I uploaded some messages from the group that are difficult to find because you have to scroll down such a long way to reach them. Here are some more that have appeared since: Chris Jesty, 31/8/2020 [referring... Continue Reading →

Blog 35 Diary, January to March, 2022

Following on from Blog 32, here are some quotations from my diary for the first quarter of 2022. Saturday, 1st January – Between 1970 and 2018 my weight varied from 10 stone 6 pounds to 13 stone 9 pounds. Since… Continue Reading →

Blog 34 Astronomy and the Higgs Boson

All my life I have been reading interesting items of information – too many either to remember or to write down – but occasionally I read things so interesting I feel I have to record them so that I don’t… Continue Reading →

Blog 33 Mathematics and other things

Mathematics Whether infinity plus one is equal to infinity or whether it is greater than infinity is a matter of opinion. Whether infinity to the power of infinity is equal to or greater than infinity is also a matter of… Continue Reading →

Blog 32 Diary 2021

Following on from Blog 21, here are some quotations from my diary for 2020. Andrew Nicholl was responsible the publication of the Wainwright books when the author was alive. Great Hallingbury is the village near Bishop’s Stortford where I lived from… Continue Reading →

Blog 31 More observations

In Chapter 15 of Happy Memories and in Blog 17 of my website I mentioned some of the ideas that have come to me from time to time and that I think are worth writing down for other people to… Continue Reading →

Blog 30 My Books about Dorset

My book about West Dorset begins with a description of the road from Dorchester to Bridport. About halfway through this desription I mentioned the lodge house which stands at a former entrance to the mansion of Bridehead. I have since… Continue Reading →

Blog 29 Videos and other things

On the fifth of July of this year I finished remaking the video of scenes taken with my video camera with all the recorded music removed. At the time I wrote in my diary ‘Incredibly, this took me six weeks.’… Continue Reading →

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