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Blog 56 Television

I have always hoped that one day I would be able to share the collection of my favourite scenes from television with other people. It occurs to me that I might be able to achieve this by announcing that three… Continue Reading →

Blog 55 Russian songs

I am very pleased that Chris Butterfield has agreed to look after my website in the way that Designworks have been doing for the past nine years. In the second paragraph of the introduction to the website, I mentioned a… Continue Reading →

Blog 54 Diary, January to March, 2024

Following on from Blog 53, here is a slightly shortened version of my diary for the first quarter of 2024: Monday, 1st January – My computer took more than twelve minutes to get started in the morning because I couldn’t… Continue Reading →

Blog 53 Diary, October to December, 2023

Following on from Blog 52, here is a slightly shortened version of my diary for the fourth quarter of 2023: Sunday, 8th October – Walked along the River Kent from Sedgwick to Hawes Bridge and took photographs of various things…. Continue Reading →

Blog 52 Diary, July to September, 2023

Following on from Blog 50, here is a slightly shortened version of my diary for the third quarter of 2023: Friday, 7th July – Parked at Helsington church and explored the southern part of Helsington Barrows. Saw a six-spot burnet… Continue Reading →

Blog 51 Scrapbook, 2020-2023

In August 2023 I uploaded some more pages from my most recent scrapbook. Mount Pleasant, Helsington, Kirkbarrow Lane and Sepulchre Lane are all near my home in Kendal. Harps Farm, where I once went to school, and Great Hallingbury are… Continue Reading →

Blog 50 Diary, April to June, 2023

Following on from Blog 47, here is a slightly shortened version of my diary for the second quarter of 2023: Sunday, 2nd April – Walked along the Pennine Way from Malham to Malham Cove, Gordale Scar, Janet’s Foss, Hanlith and… Continue Reading →

Blog 49 Exit

For over three years I have been adding to my website every month. It now seems to me that nobody is ever going to find the time to read it all and that there is no point in my adding… Continue Reading →

Blog 48 Sixty years on

Stan Holroyd recently sent a message to the Wainwright Facebook site in which he mentioned the Scouter magazine. I replied to say that I had written an article that was published in that magazine in 1960, and here it is:… Continue Reading →

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