On 11th June, 2020 34 pages of letters that I received and sent between 1972 and 1979 in connection with the panoramas were added to the section ‘scrapbooks’ in my website. Here are the details:

Pages 1 to 6 – Roger Fairclough of Cambridge University Library (I later met him walking up Snowdon with his family when I was selling panoramas.)

Pages 7 to 13 – Anthony Martin of the Ordnance Survey

Pages 14 to 21 – Wainwright (The originals are in the Kendal museum.)

Pages 22 to 24 – Alasdair Lynas-Gray of the Snowdon Summit Hotel (Mrs Daniels was the manageress of the summit hotel, and Commander Jackson was the general manager of the Snowdon Mountain Railway.)

Pages 25 to 27 – Norris McWhirter of the Guinness Book of Records

Pages 28 to 30 – R.C. Shirreffs of the Cairngorm Club

Pages 31 to 32 – Tom Phillips of Maidstone Mountaineering Club

Pages 33 to 34 – Xavier Egusquiza (the only person I have come across with a Q, an X and a Z in his name)

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In the Scrapbook section of my website you can see photographs of myself that were taken by my parents when I was a small child. I am very glad that they did so, but I wish that they had also kept a diary. If anyone reading this has very young children I hope that they will seriously consider doing this. The diary doesn’t have to be very long. All that is necessary is to mention the main events that involved the children, particularly those that they think the children will enjoy reading about in later life.

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