The Saint:

My reference to the Saint was badly timed because the series ended on 28th August, two days after the blog appeared, but it starts again at 12.10 p.m. on Monday 21st September on ITV 4.

Here are some more of the ideas that come to me from time to time and that were featured in Chapter 15 of Happy Memories.

Observations on the future:

Let us consider the worst of all possible futures: that the Universe will come to an end the moment you finish reading these words. The Universe gradually becomes more and more interesting and sophisticated from its origin until it reaches its climax at the present time when it comes to an end, like an entertainer or sportsman who retires at his peak. All the other possible futures are even better than this. Therefore the Universe is a wonderful place whatever the future holds in store.

Observations on immortality:

One of the things that people complain about is that people die, but consider the alternative. The number of people who have ever lived is around 100,000 million. The number of people the planet can support is around 10,000 million. If people lived for ever this figure would have been reached long before the birth of anyone alive today, so none of us would have been here.