Wednesday, 3rd April – Received an email from Chris forwarding a message from John Fearn that is one of the most complimentary I have received in my life. John Fearn wrote that he has been in the habit of dipping into my website every few days and selecting a blog at random. If he does that it means that there must be other people who do the same thing. He even complimented my books about Dorset and East Anglia. Discovered that I can exit from an internet site without exiting the whole internet by clicking ‘Ctrl’ and ‘W’  together.

Friday, 5th April – Found the video of songs from Russian and East European musicals of the 1950s in my website along with the relevant blog.

Monday, 8th April – Finished watching the 1953 version of Julius Caesar and found it much more enjoyable than other Shakespearean plays that I have seen recently.

Tuesday, 9th April – Bought five attractive bookmarks at Waterstones.

Wednesday, 10th April – Saw the car with the registration number OO 1010.

Thursday, 11th April – Went back to Kentmere to check the relevant map and found that no changes were necessary.

Friday, 12th April – Chris called with some books for me to sign and told me that Andrew Nichol had died. Soon it will be my turn.

Tuesday, 16th April – Received a letter from my landlady that was posted nineteen days ago.

Thursday, 18th April – Finished the pencil drafts for the calendar maps.

Wednesday, 24th April – Finished the final drawings for the calendar maps and made a start on all the jobs that were postponed while I was working on them.

Thursday, 25th April – Sent an email to Chris including the letters I sent to the Snowdon Summit Hotel in 2009 and 2018.

Friday, 26th April – Chris called and I gave him the maps.

Saturday, 27th April – Went to a Wainwright afternoon in Grasmere parish hall. Chris and Priscilla both spoke. Sat next to a man who lived in Caldbeck, and I was able to show him the paragraph about that village in my book.

Sunday, 28th April – Met Chris and Priscilla in Grasmere and went with them to various places featured in Westmorland Heritage. Walked along the lane approaching High House from the south because I remember being impressed by the location when I took someone there in my taxi. Then we went to Burneside Hall and Skelsmere Hall, where I had never been before and where I took a photograph. There were more wild flowers out than there were on March 24th. Priscilla showed me that she could read the Kindle version of my autobiography using her iPhone. It was surprisingly cold.

Tuesday, 30th April – Finished reading a book about the insects of the world by Martin Walters.

Tuesday, 7th May – Identified a plant that I saw on my way to the shops as smooth sowthistle.

Saturday, 11th May – Chris and Priscilla called and gave me a copy of the Wainwright Lakeland Calendar 2025, for which I provided the maps. I gave them a disc containing my favourite scenes from television broadcast in the past six months. Chris did something to my computer that enabled me to access the Wainwright Facebook group for the first time in two months. Luckily I had a message all ready to send. Afterwards we went for a walk round the town and ended up at the Abbots Hall Art Gallery. Went to a Wainwright evening at the Rheged Centre. There were far more people there than there were at other similar meetings.

Tuesday, 14th May – Watched a very interesting television programme about the use of modern equipment to read ancient scrolls from Herculamium. Succeeded in printing a photograph of Priscilla and myself in the Wainwright Facebook site. It was very easy. I was even able to print the best part of the photograph at a slightly larger scale.

Wednesday, 15th May – Finished Volume 37 of my scrap book and started on Volume 38.

Friday, 17th May – Chris called with a lot of calendars for me to sign.

Saturday, 18th May – Went on a six-mile Wainwright Society walk from Hawkshead, passing through beautiful unfamiliar countryside to Latterbarrow, High Wray Bay and Wray Castle. Had my photograph taken from a drone for the first time in my life.

Friday, 24th May – Discovered an internet site called ‘Friends of Hatfield Forest’ with hundreds of photographs of the forest that I hadn’t seen before.

Tuesday, 28th May – Identified a plant that I saw on my way to the shops as cut-leaved cranesbill. Finished selecting scenes from the television series ‘Civilisation’, which hasn’t been shown since I became able to record programmes. The selections lasted for thirty minutes.

Friday, 31st May – Went to a Wainwright evening that was part of the Sedbergh Book Festival in the People’s Hall in Sedbergh.

Saturday, 1st June – The number of people visiting my website has gone up from 43 per day in January to 162 per day in May. Went for a walk on Scout Scar from the Brigsteer road.

Tuesday, 11th June – Sent the discs for ‘Flight over Spain’ to Chris Butterfield for uploading to my website.

Thursday, 13th June – I still get insuperable problems when I try to use my mobile phone as a telephone, although other people seem to use them without difficulty. Watched ‘Limelight’, a very good film made by Charlie Chaplin in his later years. If I hadn’t been too lazy to do anything except to watch television I would never have seen it.

Friday, 14th June – Read some of the letters from the 1970s that I have kept on the computer, and I was transported back half a century. It was very helpful being able to use ‘Ctrl’ and ‘W’ to get from one letter to another.

Monday, 17th June – Went up Gowbarrow Fell with Chris and Priscilla Butterfield and the American couple Chris and Lorena Linke. On the way back we visited Aira Force.

Friday, 21st June – Went for a walk in Brigsteer Park Wood and Back Spring and took a number of photographs.

Monday, 24th June – Watched an episode of The Antiques Road Show that was first broadcast in 1979 and found it incomparably better than episodes that were first broadcast more recently. Went up Whitbarrow from the hamlet of Row and passed through places where I had never been before.

Sunday, 30th June – Finished compiling a selective index to my scrapbooks.