Following on from Blog 35, here are some quotations from my diary for the second quarter of 2022. The photograph referred to in my diary for 8th June can be seen here.
The relevant part of my own panorama can be seen at the right-hand end of the Snowdon West-North sheet here.

Sunday, 24th April – Received an email from Clive Handy offering to send me scanned copies of the articles I wrote for the magazine Out and About thirty years ago, and later I received them.

Thursday, 12th May – I have now copied about twenty-two of my favourite songs from the internet to my computer, but I can’t find them.

Friday, 13th May – Received an email saying that the Snowdon panorama is still on display in Snowdon Ranger Youth Hostel fifty years after it was put up.

Friday, 20th May – Discovered a beautiful scene from the film ‘Uncle Silas’ that was set in an ancient mansion. I couldn’t add it to my collection because it was transmitted by satellite, so I kept the whole film and set it to the start of the relevant sequence.

Saturday, 28th May – Listened to a radio programme about Project Ceti, in which people are trying to interpret the sounds of sperm whales.

Sunday, 5th June – Watched the film ‘Where No Vultures Fly’, which I first enjoyed when I was about eight or nine.

Wednesday, 8th June – Received an email from Matt Mills with a link to a photograph showing Scotland from Snowdon. A telephoto lens was not used, but the resolution was so good one was not necessary. This is even better than the email I received on April 24th. I have been waiting for it for fifty years, and I had given up hope.

Saturday, 11th June – Walked along part of the Coast to Coast Walk near Kirkby Stephen with Chris and Priscilla, following the route that I devised from Hartley to Ladthwaite Farm and returning by the original route. Came across a large field that was completely covered in wild flowers. When we got back I showed them the photograph of Scotland from Snowdon.

Sunday, 12th June – Found some photographs of myself in the Wainwright Facebook site that were taken yesterday.

Friday, 17th June – Succeeded in printing a photograph of Kirkbarrow Lane using my new printer. I had tried once before and given up.

Sunday, 19th June – Watched Ivor Novello in a very good film called ‘I Lived with You’.

Tuesday, 21st June – Celebrated my eightieth birthday. My last significant birthday was in 1963, when I was twenty-one, and most of my life was ahead of me. Now most of my life is behind me. There must be millions of people who have done more with their lives than I have, but I think I can say that I have achieved more than the average person.

Sent a usb memory stick containing an updated version of my diary and other things that I have written to the Great Diary Project. and asked if they knew anything about glass memory sticks.

Wednesday, 22nd June – Received an email from Colin Sneath asking if he can display the Scafell Pike panorama in his new shop in Ambleside.

Chris and Priscilla called and I showed them the sequence from ‘Uncle Silas’. They are looking for a house in this area.

Sunday, 26th June – Seached the internet for Andrew Neil Jesty, who is now running the Jesty family tree, and read that his address is 7 Carey Close, Wareham. This is remarkably similar to my first address after I left the family home, which was 39 Carey Road, Wareham.

Tuesday, 28th June – Bought a copy of the magazine Cumbria that included a short quotation from my diary.