On 3rd June 2020 the videos I made using my video camera were removed from my website. The only reason for this that I can think of is that some of the scenes contained recorded music. I don’t think that anyone would mind if I were to upload a similar collection with all the music removed. This consists of the following items and can be seen here.

1 Views from the road from Barrow to Kendal – 1 minute 39 seconds
2 My flat in Chapel Close, Kendal – 31 seconds
3 The view from the sitting room of my flat in Chapel Close – 1 minute 19 seconds
4 My flat in Beast Banks, Kendal – 1 minute 28 seconds
5 High tide and rough seas near Barrow – 57 seconds
6 Collin Croft in Kendal – This is featured in the description of my walk to the shops in blog 11. It is best watched with the sound off. Notice how the camera automatically adjusts to the lower light level when pointing at the ceiling. – 1 minute 25 seconds
7 Hawkshead – 55 seconds
8 Angerton Marsh on the Duddon estuary – 14 seconds
9 Haddon Hall, Derbyshire – 13 seconds
10 More scenes from the road from Barrow to Kendal – 58 seconds
11 ‘Faraway Places’ (an account of my journey to Morrocco in 1995) – 8 minutes 41 seconds
Total length 17 minutes 20 seconds