The Marquess of Anglesey’s Column

The Marquess of Anglesey’s Column is an excellent viewpoint for the mountains of Snowdonia.

To the north and west of the column are the green fields of Anglesey, with the A 5 and the railway striding away dead straight towards Holyhead. A little to the right of them Holyhead Mountain peeps over the horizon 21 miles away.


The Great Orme


Snowdon is famous because it has a railway up it and a hotel at the top. The Great Orme has a railway, a cabin lift and a road up it, a hotel at the top, and coin-operated telescopes. The cabin lift is the longest in Britain.

Other text:

Llandudno is the largest holiday resort in Wales.

The mountains of Snowdonia are seen ‘end-on’ from this direction because they are aligned from north-east to south-west.


Glyder Fawr

This panorama is taken from eye level on the highest area of level ground large enough to stand on. The true highest point is one of the two rocks drawn above this panel. Tests using a length of rope and a spirit level failed to resolve the question of which is the higher of the two rocks.

Snowdon is the third of the Seven Wonders of Wales.

Dinorwic and Penrhyn Slate Quarries are the two largest slate quarries in the world.

Nant Ffrancon is a gaciated U-shaped valley.


The panoramas that I produced the above can be viewed here.